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Utilizing Eastern’s IDS and Broadband Internet for Your Business

August 19, 2022

ECCP Online

Premier telecommunications company Eastern Communications offers an ultra-fast, private network connectivity that is perfect for enterprises performing mission critical operations— Eastern’s Internet Direct Service (IDS). IDS can give your business a boost by providing a fast, smooth, and stable dedicated internet that's best for processes with special bandwidth requirements. 

What Are the Benefits of Eastern IDS?

Eastern’s IDS is your key to raising the productivity of your workforce. It's a premium, dedicated, high-speed internet service that utilizes leased line technology to deliver high-speed connectivity to customers who require flexible bandwidth options, connectivity to different Internet backbones, optimized path routing, and other value-added services. Simply put, IDS is your business’ own private connectivity service. Like a car driving alone in its own special lane, IDS lets you own your bandwidth, and saves you the trouble of sharing it with anyone within the area. It also promises resilient connectivity to the world’s largest service providers and is therefore ideal for startups and entrepreneurs seeking growth.

Shared Line (Broadband Internet) VS. Leased Line (IDS)

Maximum Speed

Leased lines can go as high as 10 GBPs, which is highly incomparable to what shared lines offer. Broadband internet always optimizes the speed for downloads and uploads. Meanwhile, IDS provides symmetrical speeds for both. 


An internet leased line (IDS) offers a dedicated internet connection inaccessible by any other residents or businesses in a locality. It lets you experience high-speed internet with no downtime. This keeps the network from fluctuating during peak hours. 


The fast speeds and quality of IDS will surely be a great investment in the long run. As you grow your business, broadband internet speeds may not be able to handle the load of your increased operations. Whereas leased lines (IDS) are future-proof and ultra-fast speeds can be adjusted to match your business’ growth. 

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