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Christina Stieber

Commercial Counsellor, Austrian Embassy Commercial Section Advantage Austria

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Manila provides a broad range of business development services for Austrian companies stepping into the Philippine market. Being among the first to know about new developments in the business landscape here in the Philippines and at the same time being able to highlight different approaches and to discuss solutions for international companies, is what makes participating in ECCP Committees so valuable. Thus, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA can make good on its commitment towards our member companies to support them in this thriving market.

Christopher Ilagan

Corporate Affairs Director, Cargill Philippines, Incorporated

Relevant, networked and impactful is how I summarize ECCP’s value to member companies, like Cargill. Though we are only in our first year of membership, our investment has been returned many-fold. From staying updated on the latest issuances and developments to participating in highly substantial conversations, these have been valuable in keeping apace with the disruption and change in the markets. ECCP’s support and responsiveness has been helpful in navigating the complex environment and allowing us to continue delivering our promise of nourishing Filipinos and the world.

Patricia Bunye

Deputy Managing Partner, Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia

I appreciate how ECCP has continued providing many opportunities for professional growth and business development even as we work from home. The various committees are also valuable sources of information and the level of engagement has not diminished even in these challenging times.

H.E. Jana Šedivá

Ambassador, Embassy of the Czech Republic

Critical and timely pieces of information are vital in the Embassy’s operations and the Czech companies’ decision-making process. Based on experiences, information can be exchanged quickly through building healthy connections. This is where the ECCP has helped the Embassy both before and during these challenging times. ECCP, through its committees, is truly a provider of opportunities that allow companies and Embassies to meet, connect, and discuss.

Mia Santamaria-Abela

Economic and Commercial Advisor, Embassy of The Kingdom of Belgium (Walloon Export And Foreign Investment Promotion Agency - Manila)

As one of the pioneer members, the ECCP has been a resource and support to our organization in promoting trade between Belgium and the Philippines. Through this challenging time, our partnership with ECCP has been more vital. The daily advisories on COVID-19 and the series of webinars provide invaluable sources of information that keep us abreast with the latest developments in the country and connect us with industry stakeholders. With its long history of dynamic leadership and influence, we are proud to be a part of this strong organization.

Atty. Carmen Lazaro

, Fortun Narvasa & Salazar Law Offices

Never before has our Firm’s membership in the ECCP become more significant than during the COVID 19 pandemic. The ECCP has given information on how businesses navigate through ordeals and resolve issues in this crisis. It has shown through its activities that there is a common key to surviving and thriving in this pandemic - to adapt, evolve, and embrace the challenges. As we transition in a changing and uncertain time, we will be implementing innovative and strategic measures we have learned from the ECCP to ensure that we survive and thrive in our legal practice in this time of disruption.

Sheila Lobien

Chief Executive Officer, Lobien Realty Group

It has been a productive, impactful and fun ride with ECCP the past 12 years. It was very challenging but productive to chair the ECCP Women in Business Committee. We made a mark by highlighting that women in business are more than ready to continue demanding more seats, space and voice at the table. The founding of Lobien Realty Group is my best personal example. The impact is noticeable by the growing number of participants in this Committee. ECCP and the WBC have become an avenue for women members to learn from each other, seek mentors and friends, network with other women business leaders.

Fernando A. Lu

Managing Director, Man Automotive Concessionaires Corporation

Through the efforts of the Chamber to provide updates and business connections to its members, ECCP has been a good source of information during this challenging time especially on government efforts in supporting businesses in the Philippines. It was an avenue for MACC to learn and cope through the various trainings and webinars. With ECCP's endeavors, its members gained access to the various business efforts in promoting good business among its members.

Mark Anthony Tamayo

Partner, Mata-Perez, Tamayo & Francisco

ECCP is the voice of its members on a wide array of economic and business issues, legislative measures and administrative regulations. It is an effective advocate not just to protect the interest of its members, but to fulfill and secure the goals of the country’s national interest. As the current chair of the customs sub-committee, it is gratifying to be accorded the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with the members. Our firm’s membership with the Chamber opened the doors to great network opportunities and resources to people and organizations from diverse industry groups.

Kristoffer Rada

Country Manager, Corporate and Government Affairs, Mondelēz Philippines Inc.

It has been a privilege to head the ECCP Environment and Water Committee for the past two years. The ECCP has been at the forefront of discussions on crucial issues such as water sector reform and plastic waste. It has distinguished itself as a thought leader in policy debates that contribute to nation-building. The ECCP proved that it was indeed the #ChamberofChoice by providing invaluable assistance to members during the COVID-19 lockdown, from helping clarify IATF guidelines to advocating for clear-cut government policies that would be helpful for our respective businesses.

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