Resilient MSMEs: Navigating Business Continuity, Risk Management and Wealth Creation


Resilient MSMEs: Navigating Business Continuity, Risk Management, and Wealth Creation play a crucial role in economic development, job creation, and wealth generation. Navigating challenges such as business continuity, risk management, and wealth creation is essential for the long-term success of these enterprises. Building resilience in MSMEs involves a holistic approach that addresses various aspects of business operations, risk management, and strategic planning. By proactively managing risks and embracing opportunities, resilient MSMEs can navigate challenges and contribute to sustainable wealth creation.


Equip MSMEs with robust strategies for business continuity, effective risk management, and wealth creation.


  1. Welcome and Icebreaker (15 mins)
    • Welcome and Introductions: Set a positive and inclusive atmosphere
    • Icebreaker Activity: Foster participant engagement and connection
  2. Understanding Business Continuity (45 mins)
    • Interactive Polls: Assess participants' current understanding and challenges
    • Case Studies: Analyze successful business continuity stories in MSMEs
  3. Identifying and Mitigating Business Risks (60 mins)
    • Risk Assessment Workshop: Breakout sessions to identify and assess risks
    • Risk Mitigation Strategies: Group discussions on effective risk management
  4. Building a Resilient Business Model (45 mins)
    • Guided Presentation: Key elements of a resilient business model
    • Workshop Activity: Participants adapt their business models to enhance resilience
  5. Wealth Creation Strategies for MSMEs (60 mins)
    • Expert Presentation: Wealth creation principles tailored for MSMEs
    • Q&A Session: Address specific concerns and queries
  6. Break and Networking (30 mins)
    • Virtual Networking: Facilitate informal discussions among participants
    • Stretch Break: Encourage physical movement to maintain energy levels
  7. Interactive Scenario Planning (45 mins)
    • Scenario Analysis: Breakout groups simulate potential disruptions
    • Action Planning: Develop strategies to address identified risks
  8. Wealth Creation Workshop (45 mins)
    • Financial Literacy Session: Basics of wealth creation and investment
    • Wealth Creation Exercise: Practical steps for MSMEs to start building wealth
  9. Integrating Learnings into Business Practices (30 mins)
    • Group Discussion: Share insights from scenario planning and wealth creation
    • Actionable Steps: Guide participants in implementing learnings
  10. Closing and Next Steps (15 mins)
    • Recap: Summarize key takeaways from the workshop
    • Next Steps: Provide resources for ongoing support and learning


  • Zoom Breakout Rooms
  • Miro or MURAL for virtual whiteboarding
  • Mentimeter or Slido for interactive polls
  • Collaboration Tools: Google Docs for prototyping


The workshop will consist of lectures, exercises, and application back on the job.

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