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Joe Bantiling

Chief Executive Officer/President, Trends & Concept

In any relationship, trust is an essential factor for it to last. The ECCP has lived up to its commitment of providing value to the partnership. I admire the support it gives to members by building a community within, thereby promoting inclusive growth among member partners. We are a beneficiary of this ecosystem, thus, we stayed.

Jochen Bitzer

President & Chief Executive Officer, Mercedes-Benz Group Services Phils Inc.

More than 40 years of experience in connecting and engaging with the responsible Government contacts and knowledge about the operating environment made ECCP to a valued partner for discussion of upcoming or planned changes of legislation, which impacts Foreign Direct Investments in the Philippines. ECCP helps their members with the active Industry specific advocacy to influence developments, which will influence their economic profitability and growth of their business in the future.

Kais Marzouki

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Nestle Philippines

The ECCP and Nestlé Philippines share the vision of a robust and prosperous agriculture sector. As Chair of the ECCP Agriculture Committee, Nestlé Philippines is committed to helping build a sustainable and responsible agricultural supply chain in support of farmers. The ECCP is enabling critical synergies between its members and key stakeholders, especially the Philippine government, to drive agricultural productivity and diversity.

Lars Wittig

Country Manager, Regus & Spaces by IWG

Having served as ECCP President and Vice President for more than 4 years, I have witnessed the tremendous growth of the Chamber for the last several years, as it waded through a great deal of uncertainty especially at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, it continued to provide excellent service for its members. It then comes as no surprise that ECCP is often dubbed as the Chamber of Choice.

Penny Estrada

Chief Commercial Officer, All Transport Network

In a business culture that acknowledges hierarchies, it has been thrilling and an honour to bridge generational gaps and create conversations between top executives. To participate and be treated as a peer in ECCP board meetings has been my mini-MBA, a humbling experience. As a chamber, ECCP differs with its extensive scope – throughout industries, networks, and capabilities – yet the relationships remain intimate and ATN’s customized needs are always met.

Dr. Andi Klippe

ECCP Clark Business Council President / Chief Executive Officer, Flood Control Asia RS

This global pandemic has gravely affected the rhythm of daily business, but the ECCP never missed a step. It quickly adapted to the new normal, strengthening its networks with constant and open communication and bringing service to where it is needed. As the Chair of the ECCP North Luzon Business Council, we do our best in extending the same level of service from our office in Clark to ECCP members in North Luzon. Without a doubt, the ECCP continuously fulfills the promise of being the chamber of choice.

Tony Peralta

ECCP Southern Mindanao Business Council Chairman / Executive Director, Freedom Inc.

Our membership with the ECCP has been a rewarding experience for our organization given their relevant and timely programs and conferences for its members. We have gained a lot from our attendance of the conferences and webinars, giving us a different perspective on the way business is being done here and overseas. Our involvement in the Agricultural Advocacy Committee of the ECCP has provided us with valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities in strengthening the commodity value chains in agricultural communities.

Mary Lou Estrada

Chief Executive Officer, All Transport Network

The ECCP allowed us to engage with other multinationals in the industry. The ECCP’s value during the pandemic emerged as it swiftly provided relevant business tools: centralized, consistent, and accurate information through newsletters, opportunities for conversations through webinars, and insightful studies. There is a palpable feeling that the ECCP genuinely exists to aid the business community during these times. As a member for 24 years, All Transport Network’s benefits with the ECCP have evolved over the years; it is a testament to how our partnership grows together and remains relevant.

Michael Kempf

Resident Manager, Dusit Thani Manila

Our industry, like any other, faces challenges in regulation, including taxation and marketing restrictions. The ECCP, with its broad and extensive network with government stakeholders, has helped open doors for engagement, enabling us to deliver our messages towards building a fruitful partnership with the government in nation-building. Our membership in the ECCP doesn't just provide us an opportunity to connect with the business community; it is actually a fruitful investment in a partnership that helps us in working towards achieving our business objectives.

Jed T. Estanislao

Head of Marketing, Eastern Telecommunications Philippines

During these challenging times, being a member of the ECCP has allowed Eastern Communications to connect with its members through each of our respective digital platforms. With the help of the ECCP, Eastern Communications was able to reach different industries and share insights on how to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. Upgrading from entry-level membership to premium membership gave us access to more channels and more collaboration opportunities, which helped us effectively reach ECCP member companies and build strong connections.

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