Data Analytics Basics for Business (2 sessions)


This course will give the participants exposure to the data analytics practices executed in the business world, including communicating and presenting findings and results to decision makers.

We will explore such key areas as understanding the data and preparing data for analysis, understanding the information and action value chain including the types of data analytics, its hierarchy and tools used i.e. Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive data analytics.

What you learn in this course will give you a strong foundation in all the areas that support analytics and will help you to better position yourself for success within your organization. You will be able to choose the right tools to present quantitative information in a way that you can connect with your audience, including those based on principles of data visualization and will learn how to communicate analytics results effectively. You will also learn how to create and deliver data analytics stories that provide context, insight, and interpretation.

I. Module 1: Data Information and Action Value Chain

  • Data Analysis in the Real World
  • Information-Action Value Chain
  • Three Types of Data Analytics (Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive)

II. Module 2: Data Analytics

  • Ways to conduct Descriptive Analytics including Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Pareto, Histogram, Boxplots, Control Charts
  • Ways to conduct Predictive Analytics including Scatter Plot, Correlation and Regression
  • Ways to conduct Prescriptive Analytics including Optimization technique

III. Module 3: Good Data Visualization

  • Principles of Graphical Design (Lessons from Edward Tufte and Stephen Few)
  • Channels to present quantitative information (Texts, Tables, Graphs)
  • Techniques to Display Multiple Variables
  • Graphical Excellence examples

IV. Module 4: Communicating Data Analytics results

  • Effective communication, it starts with knowing your audience.
  • General principles of effective data storytelling (Interpreting, Telling, and Selling)
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