Mastering digital marketing: planning and engagement strategies


Learn the core concepts of Social Media Marketing. Deep dive on the basic platforms and find which best serves your brand, client or service. Learn tips on how to effectively optimize your social media strategy. If you are an existing digital marketing practitioner or a marketing professional on the cusp of expanding your role or tasked to manage a digital marketing team then this program is for you.

Course goal: Deliver a closer look on digital marketing via social media tools and channels with the goal to help marketing practitioners attract, retain and engage customers. This course aims to shed light on the best techniques and the various tools and technologies in the market today, and help you find which one works best for you.

This course if for individuals with marketing experience and basic digital marketing knowledge.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding Social Media Marketing
  • Getting to know the various marketing models and its application to your business
  • Develop your Social Media Voice vs Brand Voice
  • Identify and find the right platform for your brand, client or service
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of a digital marketing manager vs a traditional marketing manager
  • How to engage customers in each stage of the Marketing Funnel and the Customer Journey Map
  • Finding the right Social Media Marketing platform for your brand
  1. SMM strategies for Facebook
  2. Marketing on twitter
  3. Creating a YouTube strategy to drive traffic and sales
  4. Advertising on LinkedIn
  5. Marketing on TikTok
  6. Utilizing Messaging Apps
  7. Practicing SMM on your website
  8. App Marketing
  • Tips on Social Media Marketing effectiveness/ Analytics
  • Tips to optimize your social media strategy
  • How to engage customers on each stage of the customer journey map

Program Overview:

  • Getting started with Social Media Marketing
  • How to effectively apply the marketing funnel, customer journey map and RACE model for your organization
  • Effective Social Media Marketing
  • Reach, optimize and engage your audience
  • Communicating your brand and social media voice across
  • Old Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing
  • Building a Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Industry standards in Social Media Marketing

How to access the webinar: In a separate email, you will receive the links sent via ZOOM/ECCP.

This training program can be offered for exclusive trainings. To request formal proposal, email us at

For registration inquiries, please contact Kamyr Catapang-Abbagu at

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