How Data Analytics Works in Business Decision Making

29 Mar

After the in-depth discussion on the foundations of Data Analytics shared on the first part of this program, The ECCP Competency Hub is pleased to invite you to the second part of the program that will focus on how data analytics works in business decision making.

The first part of the program allowed the participants to know of the basics of data analytics and its importance, levels, types, and its applications of data analytics in different sectors. The session also provided a refresher on data types and levels of measurement and an an interactive discussion on the learning pathways, preparing for data analytics, data management models, big data and information value chain, channel data management, dimensions of data readiness and assessing data analytics-system.

At the end of the session, the participants shall be able to:

1. Help participants identify problems where analytics can help in terms of modeling, simulation or prediction;

2. Provide participants the conceptual understanding and share experiences on the applications of data analytics;

3. Provide a clear understanding of why companies see data analytics essential to the delivery of their products and services.; and


  • Approaches to Business Decision Making
  • Visual Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Data Visualization
  • Dashboard Development
  • Optimation and Simulation
  • Discrete Event
  • Process simulation
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Statistical Modeling and Time Series Models
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Text Analytics
  • Data Analytics in Different Sectors
  • Analytics for Products and Services
  • Users of Data Analytics
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Europe-PH News

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