The Science of Selling: How to sell in 2023 and beyond


By the end of the two-part program, the learners will be able to utilize the sales toolbox to sell to their respective clients specifically through:

  1. Utilizing resources, frameworks, and tools to prepare, connect, and lead their target customers
  2. Creating focus in their sales plans
  3. Practicing customer-focused selling to increase value for all customers
  4. Applying self-leadership in leading themselves and their customers

Program Topics

I. Introduction and Centering Activity

II. Norms, Objectives, Agenda

III. What selling is all about and why we need it

  • Realities of Traditional Sales vs the New Sales Process

IV. How can we sell in 2023 and beyond?

  • Know Thyself: Knowing who you are, why you exist, what you stand for, and your value proposition
  • Who is your target customer? Proper Profiling
  • Finding customers for your business
  • Sales Funnel and Sales Pipeline - how to make better decisions in each step
  • Preparation and Self-Management
  • Customer-Focused Selling - steps and tools
  • Self-Leadership Techniques
  • Practice Role Play Simulations and debriefing

V. Summary and Integration

VI. Closing

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