Strategic Planning and Management


It is vital for companies to make strategic plans to set the company's direction and formulate a process to achieve their respective goals. Managing the set action steps from planning to executing is indeed crucial for any company in order to achieve business priorities. In this program, participants will become familiar with the basic strategic planning and management process. Participants will be able to study the use of various tools for assessing strategic issues and for formulating strategic options. Additionally, they will learn how to prepare their organizations for a strategic planning event.

Program Objectives

At the end of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the strategic planning process;
  • Scan an organization's internal and external environments for strategic factors to consider;
  • Formulate and evaluate strategic options using SWOT analysis and other tools; and
  • Cascade and roll out the strategic plan to all organizational units.

Program Outline

I. The Strategic Planning Process.

II. Crafting an Organization's Anchor Statements

  • The Purpose Statement
  • The Vision Statement
  • The Mission Statement
  • The Values Statement

III. Assessing Internal Strategic Issues

  • Functional Areas Framework
  • The Value Chain
  • Evaluating Internal Factors

IV. Assessing External Strategic Issues

  • The PESTLE Framework
  • The Competitive Profile Matrix
  • Evaluating External Factors

V. Formulating and Prioritizing Strategic Options

  • 5.1 SWOT Analysis
  • 5.2 The Internal-External Matrix
  • 5.3 The Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix

VI. Strategy Implementation and Rollout

  • 6.1 Strategic Organizational Goals and Annual Objectives
  • 6.2 Cascading Strategy to Organizational Units
  • 6.3 Organizational Unit Plans

VI. Preparing the Organization for Effective Strategic Planning

Program Participants

The ideal participants in this program are organization strategists, corporate planning leaders and staff, directors and managers, and other personnel who have strategic roles to play or who contribute to the strategic direction of their organizations.

Program Methodology

This program uses lectures, brief examples, and case discussions. After a topic is explained through a lecture, participants do brief exercises to apply what they have learned. Participants are encouraged to bring non-confidential information about their organizations that they can comfortably share with the entire audience.

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