Boosting Work Efficiency and Productivity using ChatGPT


Are you ready to take your office productivity to the next level? We have an exciting opportunity for you!

This 2 half-day immersive experience—is designed to equip you with the skills to harness the untapped potential of AI in the workplace! Imagine streamlining your daily tasks, automating repetitive processes, and generating creative ideas effortlessly – all with the help of a powerful AI language model. ChatGPT is here to revolutionize the way you work, and we can't wait to show you how!

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain hands-on experience with ChatGPT and witness its incredible capabilities.
  • Discover the best practices to get the most accurate and valuable responses.
  • Unleash your creativity with exciting group exercises and brainstorming sessions.
  • Customize ChatGPT to align with your specific work needs and challenges.
  • Learn ethical AI usage and bias awareness to ensure responsible implementation.
  • Engage in real-life case studies in the office and simulations to see AI in action.
  • Get equipped with time-saving techniques and shortcuts for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Who Should Attend:

Senior Executives, Marketing Specialists, Team Heads and Supervisors, Management and Productivity Consultants, Training Specialists, IT and HR Analysts, Systems Designers, Business Planners, School Teachers and Researchers, and any office employee using a computer for their work. Also those engaged as problem solvers, planners, writers, software engineers, translators, researchers, and data entry staff.

Learning Outline

I. Understanding AI and ChatGPT

  • Definition and capabilities
  • Key features and the power of AI in the workplace
  • Benefits of incorporating AI-powered language models

II. Getting Started with ChatGPT

  • Hands-on session: Interacting with ChatGPT (the Free version)
  • Basic commands and usage tips

III. Tailoring ChatGPT for your Workplace

  • Identifying use cases specific to your workplace
  • Customizing ChatGPT for individual job-role tasks

IV. Optimizing Conversations with ChatGPT

  • Formulating clear and effective questions
  • The Power of Prompts: Providing context for more accurate responses

V. Practical Applications

  • Case studies and simulations: Applying ChatGPT in real-world scenarios
  • Hands-on practice with participants' own workplace challenges

VI. Boosting Office Productivity with ChatGPT (by 100%)

  • Generating instant emails, letters and responses to written communications
  • Creating, summarizing and analyzing business reports, plans, strategies, articles, manuals, research studies and other documentation.
  • Developing training programs, lesson plans, systems and procedures, and office manuals
  • Preparing questionnaires, surveys, and applicant interview questions.
  • Preparing personality, performance, and qualifying tests for applicants and staff performance
  • Improving collaborative brainstorming, problem solving and decision making.
  • Interactive language translation, conversion and communication
  • Providing expert assistance in the use of productivity tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access Database and other productivity software)
  • Assist in programming and systems design for technical IT Staff
  • Instant access to seemingly unlimited learning materials and content on any workplace subject matter
  • Streamlining repetitive tasks with ChatGPT automation

VII. Measuring the Impact

  • Assessing and measuring the effectiveness of ChatGPT in your workplace
  • Getting feedback and reflection on your progress in the workplace

VIII. Staying Ahead in the AI Landscape

  • Current trends and advancements in AI and ChatGPT
  • Continuous learning and resources for AI development
Amado “Jun” Malacaman, Jr.
Amado “Jun” Malacaman, Jr.
ICT professional and Management Consultant

Amado “Jun” Malacaman, Jr. is one of the country’s top ICT professional and Management Consultant specializing in Information Systems Management, Info Security, Data Privacy and Training. He has worked as programmer, systems analyst, CIO and President of several multinational companies in the Philippines and abroad.

His international experience includes: President of Software Merchants, California, USA; General Manager of SGV-Byrne Technologies, Hong Kong; and Senior Lecturer/Trainor at I/ACT (conducting various IT and Project Management training courses in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and Korea).

Mr. Malacaman, Jr. is a past president of the following industry associations: IT Foundation of the Philippines (ITFP); Information Systems Security Society of the Philippines (ISSSP); Philippine Marketing Association (PMA); and United Software Exporters of the Philippines (USEPhil).

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