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Identify Your High Potentials: Succession Planning with the 9-Box Matrix

Virtual Events

Is your organization prepared for the future?

Don't be caught off guard when key roles open up. Join our webinar, "Identify Your High Potentials: Succession Planning with the 9-Box Matrix." Learn how to leverage this powerful tool to assess employee performance and potential. We'll cover how to implement the 9-box system, identify your rising stars, and develop a robust succession plan to ensure a smooth transition when leadership changes occur. Register today and secure your talent pipeline for tomorrow!


  1. Understand the 9-Box Matrix and its application in talent identification: This objective focuses on equipping participants with a solid grasp of the 9-box framework. The webinar should explain how the matrix works, its different sections (performance and potential), and how it can be used to categorize employees for succession planning.
  2. Learn how to effectively assess employee performance and potential: This objective dives deeper into the evaluation process. The webinar should provide attendees with practical strategies and tools for assessing both current performance and future potential within the 9-box framework. This might include identifying key metrics, conducting performance reviews, and recognizing indicators of leadership potential.
  3. Develop a plan for nurturing and retaining high-potential talent: The final objective goes beyond just identification. The webinar should offer actionable steps for organizations to develop and retain their high-potential employees. This could involve strategies for mentorship, leadership development programs, and creating clear career paths for future leaders.


Anyone who has a stake in identifying and developing future leaders within the organization would benefit from attending this training.

  • People managers and leaders: This webinar is particularly valuable for managers responsible for evaluating and developing their teams. By understanding the 9-box matrix, they can make informed decisions about promotions, identify talent gaps, and create targeted development plans for high-potential employees.
  • HR professionals: HR personnel play a key role in talent management and succession planning. This training will equip them with the knowledge and skills to use the 9-box matrix to assess talent, design development programs, and implement succession plans.
  • Anyone involved in talent development: This could include trainers, coaches, and mentors who play a role in helping employees grow and develop their skills. Understanding the 9-box matrix will help them tailor their approach to meet the specific needs of high-potential employees.
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