Data Privacy Compliance: MasterClass Edition


Join this unparalleled opportunity to streamline your journey toward Data Privacy Act (DPA) of 2012 compliance. Over the past six years, our dedicated team has refined a methodology that stands as the most efficient path to DPA compliance—significantly reducing complexity and expediting the process.

Take advantage of this advanced version of our Full-Build model, a re-engineered approach designed to fast-track your assessment and compliance journey. With this enhanced strategy, we can reduce the typical compliance timeline from five weeks to a mere two weeks, provided your team is primed and prepared for an active, hands-on workshop experience.

This is not just a learning session; it's a transformative workshop where your data privacy officers will engage, apply, and emerge with actionable strategies to ensure your organization's compliance. We recommend nominating your top two data privacy officers to participate in this masterclass. If your organization boasts a trio of privacy specialists, we warmly welcome all three to benefit from this intensive, transformative workshop.


Session 1: Assessing the Current State of Data Privacy Compliance

Objective: Enable participants to evaluate their organization's current data privacy compliance level.


  1. Introduction to Data Privacy Compliance in the Philippines
  2. Overview of the Data Privacy Act of 2012
  3. Self-Assessment Tools for Compliance Status
  4. Identifying Gaps and Prioritizing Actions

Session 2: Governance of the Office of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Objective: Empower participants to establish or enhance the governance structure of their DPO's office.


  1. Roles and Responsibilities of the DPO
  2. Setting Up the DPO's Office: Structure and Functions
  3. Enhancing DPO's Effectiveness through Governance

Session 3: Conduct of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

Objective: Equip participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct effective PIAs.


  1. Fundamentals of Privacy Impact Assessment
  2. Steps for Conducting a PIA
  3. Integrating PIA into Project Management
  4. Practical Exercises and Simulations

Session 4: Implementing the Privacy Management Program (PMP) and Privacy Policy Manual

Objective: Guide participants in developing and implementing a comprehensive PMP and Privacy Policy Manual.


  1. Overview of Privacy Management Program
  2. Components of a Privacy Policy Manual
  3. Customizing PMP and Manual to Your Organization
  4. Monitoring and Continual Improvement

Session 5: Breach and Incident Reporting Procedure

Objective: Prepare participants to effectively manage and report data breaches and incidents.


  1. Understanding Data Breaches and Incident Response
  2. Breach Reporting Procedures and Notification Requirements
  3. Simulated Breach Incident Workshop
  4. Post-Incident Analysis and Improvement Planning

Documentation for Compliance: The 5-Pillar Proof of Compliance (National Privacy Commission)

  1. Office of the DPO: Documenting the DP Office and its function in the organization.
  2. Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Report: Records of PIAs conducted, showing how risks are identified and mitigated.
  3. Privacy Management Program: A comprehensive program document that outlines the organization's approach to privacy management, including roles, policies, processes, and monitoring mechanisms. Includes a complete PMP Manual.
  4. Privacy Manual: This document should encapsulate the organization's privacy policies, detailing how personal data is handled, protected, processed, and disposed.
  5. Breach and Incident Management: Documentation of the processes for managing data breaches and incidents, including detection, reporting, and remediation steps.
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