Maximizing the Benefits of Solar Energy Technology

Holiday Inn & Suites Makati

Solar Energy Technology has gained so much popularity. Aside from its role in environmental protection, developers and end users have high expectations on cost savings and financial benefits. Know if these expectations are actually met and understand the conditions that affect them.

The lecture will provide an introduction to solar technology and their actual uses. This will cover solar applications for self consumption, Net Metering, solar with storage, and grid export. Actual case studies will also be presented.

A demonstration of the Homer Pro software will be shown to do technical and financial analysis of solar and hybrid systems and ways to optimize the design to maximize the benefits and bankability of the project.

Validation methods of projected system performance using real-time monitoring and translation of metered data into the Homer Pro software for analysis and optimization will be presented.

Discussion Outline:

  1. Introduction to Solar Technology
    1. Solar resource
    2. Conversion technologies
    3. Energy Storage
  2. Solar Technology Applications in the Philippines
    1. Off Grid
      1. Stand Alone
      2. Hybrid systems
    2. On-grid
      1. Self consumption
      2. Net Metering (ERC resolution 9 Series of 2013)
      3. Solar with Storage
      4. Export for Feed-in-Tariff (RA9513)
  3. Homer Pro Software
    1. System Design: Load, Components, Resources, Results
    2. Optimization: System parameters, search space, sensitivities
  4. Performance Validation
    1. Real time monitoring
    2. Metered data analysis
  5. Bankability indicators
    1. LCOE
    2. IRR
    3. NPV
    4. Payback
    5. DSCR
  6. Wrap-up

Who Should Attend:

  • Companies that are looking at investing in solar technology
  • Individuals who would be interested in installing solar technology in their properties
  • Those who installed solar technology but did not get what they expected
  • Those interested in looking for financing for the technology
  • Energy and Facility Engineers/Managers
  • Energy Consultants
  • Environment Managers/Officers
  • Finance Managers/Officers
  • Company decision makers
  • Property Developers and Managers

PhP 8,000 - ECCP Members
PhP 8,500 - Non ECCP Members
(includes coffee breaks, lunches, seminar materials and certificate of attendance)

For confirmations and more information, please contact Ms. Jasmin Runez of ECCP at 845 1324 or email

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