Negotiation Skills Workshop: For the "New Normal" Business Environment

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In dealing with your suppliers or customers for better terms, with your brokers and other stakeholders, you need to understand the fundamentals and complexities of negotiating. It doesn't stop there. You also negotiate with your subordinates and colleagues to get the job done, or with your top management for needed support. Many of the principles applicable in business negotiations apply to personal negotiations as well; and if you're behind in your skills it may be too late to realize that you have been had.

This program will prepare you for major negotiations; keep the balance between asking for too much or settling for too little. It also helps develop the right skill-set for behaving in the negotiating table, discover how to avoid errors which can break the deal, identify, use and overcome negotiating tactics which crafty negotiators can use against you, and learn how to read and use body language to clarify exactly what the other party is trying to say or to hide. Additionally, it will sharpen your skills in making counter-offers that have a higher chance of being accepted, as well as to overcome objections to your offers and counter-offers.

What's new? The techniques have been adjusted to take into consideration the "new normal" mode of conducting business mostly through digital media. It explores ways to maximize the benefits afforded by the use of technology that the current business and health climate necessitate.

Method: Lecture-discussions, individual exercises, and feedback.

Training Duration: 12 hours (4 x 3-hour sessions)

Part 1: How Mental Health Fits Into Your People Strategy
  1. Introduction
    • Anatomy & Definition of Negotiation
    • Active Listening Skills
    • Effective Speaking Skills
    • Non-Verbal Communication – Body Language
  2. Self-Assessment: What Type of Negotiator Are You?
    • Behavior Modalities
  3. Preparation
    • Identifying & Prioritizing Tradables
    • Exploring Alternatives
    • Researching the Opponent
  4. Technology
    • Digital Media used Under "The New Normal"
    • Do's and Dont's
    • How to Maximize Their Advantages
  5. Opening
    • Primacy Effect
    • Steps in Opening
  1. Investigating
    • Structured Questioning Sequence to Overcome
    • Opponent Resistance
  2. Stating Your Proposal
    • Concept of Condition & Offer
    • Assertive & Submissive Formats
    • Being Specific VS Being Vague
  3. Responding to Proposals
    • When You Receive Proposals
    • Steps in Counter–proposing
  4. Powerful Negotiating Gambits
    • What they are
    • How to Use Them
    • How to Guard Against Them
  5. Ending the Negotiation
    • Summarizing
    • Drawing the Contract
    • Reinforcing Goodwill


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Php 9,000

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PHP 10,500


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