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Urban, regional planning seen vital for growth

March 09, 2023

ECCP Online

URBAN and regional planning can be vital drivers toward the development of a country's economy in achieving growth and sustainability, most especially to reinvigorate people and boost economic activity, according to the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP).

ECCP Southern Mindanao Business Council Chairman Antonio Peralta emphasized the role of urban and regional planning in the country to address the long-standing discussions about economic growth and prosperity of the country.

"Urban and regional planning aims to include public awareness on how urban and regional planning plays a crucial role in overall development of the country," said Peralta during the ECCP online event titled "Urban and Regional Planning: Vital Role Toward Economic Growth" on Tuesday.

Fercy Cavan, an expert on trade and commerce, value chain development and business development specialist, pointed out that urban and regional planning do not only support structural developments, but social engagement and relationship.

"When we talk about urban and regional planning... it does not only entail review of the physical aspect that looks at the quality of life and economic growth of the areas," Cavan said.

Infrastructure is one vital key in addressing economic growth and recovery because it serves as a fundamental foundation to enhance economic activities toward economic upbeat.

"Economic growth is very important... again... because the resources that we [can] get from growing our economy can better help [to] create more infrastructure," Cavan explained.

He added, "This infrastructure can help build stronger social engagement and relationships, and therefore, enhance their capacity to work on activities [and] to improve economic growth."


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