Open Finance and Financial Inclusion Committee

The ECCP established its Special Committee on Open Finance and Financial Inclusion (SCOFFI), which is envisioned to serve as a platform for stakeholders to discuss relevant issues and formulate actionable solutions to shape the current policy environment that will foster broader and wider financial inclusion among the populace through technology. Furthermore, the ECCP believes that the Committee can play a role in shaping dialogue in this pressing issue as a driver of business activity, poverty reduction, economic growth and competitiveness.

Committee Leaders

John Januszczak
President and Chief Executive Officer, UBX
Eng TengWong
Eng Teng Wong
Vice Chair
President and Chief Executive Officer, Pru Life UK

Policy Paper / Materials Published

SCOFFI Whitepaper
SCOFFI Whitepaper

Year published: 2022

Committee Coordinator Details

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Katrina Baligod
Manager, Industry and Government Affairs

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